Filorga Total Intestine (TI)

Filorga Total Intestine (TI)
1 box (10 vials x 3 ml)

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Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals.

Total Intestine Stem Cell Therapy - Filorga

Your digestive system will work more efficiently if it receives Filorga Total Intestine which has high potential to vitalize cells in your intestines.

Your intestines, as well as digestive health, becomes stronger so that they can very well absorb beneficial nutrients into our body - on the other hand, they can very well drive the toxic nutrients along with the waste out of your body. When you get sick because of intestinal or other digestive illnesses, Filorga has ability to relieve symptoms such as bad breath, bitter taste in the mouth and constipation.

"Intestines" are a long tube connected from the stomach to the anus. They are important organs within the digestive system. Intestines are composed of two parts; small intestines and large intestines - which are responsible for different roles in digestive system. With small intestines, it's the place where the chemical digestion by enzymes and acids is taken place in order to change the foods we ate in the form that can be absorbed.

For the large intestines, according to the website, have four primary capacities as follow:

  1. Absorb water together, and turn the waste foods into a solid stool that gets expelled out of the body.
  2. Absorb Vitamins.
  3. Reduce acidity and protect from infections.
  4. Produce antibodies.

The intestines can be affected by many factors. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that environmental factors such as age, family history, gender and so on have a great impacts on IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) which a condition that occurrs in some parts of digestive tract. In addition, eating behavior has effect on digestive system as well. Toxic foods can absolutely harm your digestive tract.

So while attempting to maintain your digestive system, selecting the useful foods is also a good way to keep up on your digestive health. More interestingly, you can re-boost your intestines at a cellular level with "Filorga Total Intestine," too!


FILORGA BRM contains a number of organic and inorganic ingredients of molecular weight at in micro level. Each vial comprise of high active ingredient 20% of total capacity.

Dosage & Usage

For a generally healthy person using Filorga Organ Specific Embryonic Stem Cell Extracts for the purpose of anti- aging and aesthetic improvement, we suggest one vial every 3-7 days. Each box contains 10 vials of 3 ml each and one box constitues one course. Each box will provide roughly 2-3 months treatments.


Due to advances in nano-technology and stem-cell filtration technology, Filorga Organ Specific Embryonic Stem Cell Extracts are small enough to be absorbed directly through the mouth with almost equal effect as other methods.

Simply swish the entire contents the vial around the inside of the mouth for 30 seconds to a minute, before swallowing. This should be done before going to bed or in-between meals.

*All supplements and therapies should be used under a doctor's supervision. Please consult with your physician prior to use.

* May not suitable for pregnant women


Filorga BRM is pure cell extracts from fetal organs or tissues of low molecular weight as determined by the size of the micro pores in the micro filter. During the manufacturing, cells and other materials of high molecular weight are separated from the molecules of low molecular weight, using our advanced multiple micro filtration technology. The separation level is determined by the size of the micro filters.


FILORGA BRM have a shelf-life of 4 years, if kept in a refrigerator at optimum temperature from +2°C to +10°C (not frozen) and fully protected from direct sunlight.

Approved and Certified by

BRM of organs and tissues are obtained from fetal organs or tissues from closed colony of Ovine as per requirement of Euro veterinary and AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International), also clinically tested by one of France largest independent laboratory working in compliance with the OECD guidelines and GLP principles (Good Laboratory Practices).

                               RANGE OF APPLICATION                          

FILORGA BRM are used for the restoration and regeneration of immature or deteriorating organic structure, disorder control systems and loss of function due to disease(s). Appendix 1 lists the types of BRM.

Combinations of BRM procured from different organs, rather than a single BRM organ therapy, are usually prescribed if the entire system is disrupted by a chronic disease. The combinations of BRM therapy will also be recommended to degenerative disease, enzyme defects, and multiple-organ disorders. Practical examples of the BRM combinations are in Appendix 2 Common types of BRM combination.

BRM of various organs & tissues are biological supplements that are chemical and additive free, sterile and have low molecular weight.

BRM serves fundamentally as "biological building blocks" to surrogate defective molecular structures, and consequently restore, regenerate and improve the malfunction. The BRM range of therapeutic use includes deteriorating functions due to chronic diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, aging, etc.


Ref Designation  Content  Common Conditions
ACT004G Tissular Extract 4 in 1 F
Whole embryo, Thymus, Whole
 brain, Ovary
10 x 8ml Female Revitalization
ACT004S Tissular Extract 4 in 1 M
Whole embryo, Thymus, Whole brain, Testis
10 x 8ml Male Revitalization
ACT005S Tissular Extract EB
Embryoblast, extract of inner cellular mass
10 x 3ml Skin Rejuvenation
*Can also be used as facial mesotherapy
  Organs Tissular Extract    
AY Artery 10 x 3ml Arteriosclerosis, cerebrovascular
CA Cardiac - Heart 10 x 3ml Cardiac disorder, Stress, phobic embolism
CE Cartilage 10 x 3ml Rheumatism, arthritis, joins functions
CV Capillary Vessel 10 x 3ml Obstructive circulation, regulate artery cells
DA Dental Arch 10 x 3ml Oral diseases
DM Dermis - Skin 10 x 3ml Psoriasis, eczema, leucoderma
EE Eyes 10 x 3ml Cataracta, eye muscle involution
HT Hypothalamus 10 x 3ml Nervous system disorder, depression
KY Kidney 10 x 3ml High blood pressure, detoxifying
LG Lung 10 x 3ml Lung disorder, Asthma, emphysema
LR Liver 10 x 3ml Weak Metabolism, diabetes, detoxifying
LS Ligaments 10 x 3ml Back pain, sprain, ligament laxity
ME Muscle 10 x 3ml Muscle involution, soft tissue mutation
OM Osseous Marrow  bone marrow 10 x 3ml Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis
OY Ovary 10 x 3ml Menopause disorder, gynaecological disease
PA Placenta 10 x 3ml Aging, fatigue, skin quality, circular function
PE Prostate 10 x 3ml Urination difficulties, hormone secretion
PS Pancreas 10 x 3ml Hyperglycemia, diabetes, high cholesterol
SC Spinal Cord 10 x 3ml Nervous system involution
SH Stomach 10 x 3ml Gastric ulcer, gastritis
SL Suprarenal Adrenal Gland 10 x 3ml Low blood pressure, enhance metabolic
SN Spleen 10 x 3ml Allergy, detoxifying
TC Total Cerebrum (brain) 10 x 3ml Mental disorder, hypertension, memories
TD Thyroid 10 x 3ml Thyroid dysplasia, low function of thyroid
TE Total Embryo 10 x 3ml Regeneration, Enhance Organ functions
TH Thymus 10 x 3ml Improve immunity
TI Total Intestine 10 x 3ml Enteritis, intestinal system disorder
TL Testicle 10 x 3ml Andropause, enhance virility


  Common Conditions Recommended BRM'S
1 Revitalization for Male Tissular Extract 4 in 1 M (ACT004S)
2 Revitalization for Female Tissular Extract 4 in 1 F (ACT004G)
3 Diabetes mellitus, type 1 Liver (LR), Placenta (PA), Suprarenal (SL)
4 Diabetes mellitus, type 2 Liver (LR), Pancreas (PS), Stomach (SH)
5 Gout Kidney (KY), Liver (LR)
6 Osteoarthritis Cartilage (CE), Osseous Marrow (OM)
7 Asthma Lung (LG), Thymus (TH), Suprarenal (SL)
8 Impotence Testicle (TL), Placenta (PA)
9 Deficient immune system Thymus (TH), Placenta (PA)
10 Lung emphysema Lung (LG), Placenta (PA)
11 Central Nervous system disease Total Cerebrum (TC), Spinal Cord (SC)