Foods For Keeping Up Excellent Hypothalamus Health

          The Hypothalamus is an important portion of the brain responsible for producing various hormones to control body temperature, thirst, hunger, mood and sleep. The Hypothalamus also helps to keep body's inner balance called “Homeostasis.” It has the ability to manage the pituitary gland together with other glands within the body. Furthermore, the Hypothalamus is the connection between endocrine system and nervous system!

           It is same as other organs in the fact that it needs the proper nutrients to maintain its health, as well as its strength. 


Add the following nutrients to your diet, to maintain the strength of your Hypothalamus.


1. Vitamin B1

          A great source of vitamin B1 is actually Sunflower Seeds! You should put approximately a handful of sunflower seeds to your daily meal to boost up your hypothalamus health. The sunflower seeds have vitamin B1, or Thiamine, as a primary nutrient beneficial for the maintenance of your appetite. They also have capacity to enhance the function of the nervous system as well. Therefore, vitamin B1 can help to keep your hypothalamus as healthy as possible.

         Addition to sunflower seeds, vitamin B1 is abundant in pork, whole grains, bran, lima beans and split peas too!


Whole grains are rich in Vitamin B1 which is an essential nutrients for hypothalamus.

Whole Grains

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2.  Fruits and vegetables

         Both fruits and vegetables contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial for the entire body. For the Hypothalamus, the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables are useful for controlling your hunger together with your weight which is one of the main jobs of hypothalamus!


Fruits and vegetables contains plenty of nutrients which are useful for Hypothalamus.

Fruits and Vegetables

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3. Vitamin B12

        Did you know that there is high amount of vitamin B12 generally found in fish? That’s right, Vitamin B12 is needed for controlling your moods, regulating fatigue and energy levels which are also the primary functions of hypothalamus too. It has the potential to lower depression symptoms as well. Abundant sources of vitamin B12 includes salmons and trout.


Salmon is rich in Vitamin B12 which is useful substance for Hypothalamus.


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4. Vitamin C

        Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for the brain including the Hypothalamus. It plays critical role in brain functions associated with hypothalamus as well such as anxiety reduction, sleep regulation and immunity promotion. Besides, vitamin C is beneficial to protect your Hypothalamus from toxins. Foods rich in vitamin C include lemons, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, cantaloupe plus potatoes and red bell peppers.

Citrus fruits packed with Vitamin C which is vital nutrient for Hypothalamus.

Citrus Fruits 

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5. Good supplements

        Supplements are produced in a wide range and variety to support overall health. The Hypothalamus is included. You can take a supplement along with eating a healthy meal, with the purpose of achieving the most efficient outcome. Filorga Laboratory, the leading provider of anti-aging solutions as well as health solutions, has produce an effective supplement named "Filorga Hypothalamus," to robust the health of the Hypothalamus. 

        Filorga Hypothalamus are stem cell extracts derived from embryos - which have no limit to develop into any specific tissue or organ. Therefore they can produce all cell types. After the stem cell extracts are injected (or swallowed) into the body, they will replace the damaged cells and they are also self-renewing in order to become new healthy cells in that particular tissue or organ that results in organ’s function. 


The benefits of Filorga Organ Specific Embryonic Stem Cell Extracts - Hypothalamus

       "Filorga Hypothalamus," is one of the most potent substances on the market, which works on balance hormone secretion, the primary function of the Hypothalamus. As the Hypothalamus is the link between endocrine system and nervous system, Filorga is able to optimize both the functions of endocrine and the nervous system. Filorga Hypothalamus is beneficial for delaying the onset of menopause that has influence on women minds and bodies. In addition, increased energy, memory, sleep quality and complexion are also qualified properties of this powerful product.