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Part I

1. Overall, how satisfied were you with the product?

Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied

Please tell us why you feel that way?

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2. How likely are you to recommend Elix Aura to a friend, family member, or colleague?

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3. How likely are you to purchase from us again?

Not Likely at all
Not likely
Very Likely

4. Please rate the following features on how important they are to you:

Quantity in each package
Size of Capsule
Color of Capsule
Oral Supplement (vs. injections)
A = Very Important
B = Important
C = Not Very Important
D = Irrelevant

5. What other similar products have you used in the past or are using now?

Product 1 :
Product 2 :
Product 3 :

6. What do you like most about our product?

7. Why did you choose our product over others?

Customer Support
Purchase Experience
First use Experience
Other (please specify)

8. What are the benefits that you have experienced from using Elix Aura?

(choose up to 5)
Better sleep
Cognitive (brain function): more focused and alert
Energy boost, less fatigue
Improved digestion and metabolism
Joint & Muscle relief
Reduced PMS, improved menopausal symptoms
Reduced under eye dark circles & puffiness
Skin: clear complexion, fine skin, more even skin tone, firmer skin, less acne, less scarring etc.
Stronger hair and nails
Varicose veins improvement
Other: please briefly explain

9. Please indicate your age bracket:

Over 65

10. Gender


11. What industry do you work in?

Construction & Real Estate
Leisure & Hospitality
Beauty, Health Services, Physician, Nurse, Technician etc.
Banking, Professional & Business
Information Technology
Other (Please Specify) :
Please feel free to state your specific occupation, which will be valuable information for product improvement and customer service.

12. Please upload a Before and After Photo

Tips for photo selection: Please hold your Elix Aura box when taking your photos.

[A] If you are experiencing Aesthetic results (2 PHOTOS REQUIRED)- reduced wrinkles, reduced pigmentation, skin improvements etc. Please take a close up head shot photo. Before photo: minimal makeup - no facial expression. After photo: styled hair, makeup or no makeup (men) and smile!

[B] If you are experiencing Physical benefits (2 PHOTOS REQUIRED)- sleeping better, more energy, stamina, stabilized weight, reduced symtoms of chronic aliments, you can take a close up head shot Before photo: minimal makeup- no facial expression; and an After photo could be you doing any activity, energized & happy!

[C] If you are experiencing Overall Improved Health (ONLY 1 PHOTO REQUIRED) you can upload just one Best photo!


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Part II

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