Filorga 4 in 1 - 2 types

Filorga 4 in 1 - 2 types
Filorga 4-In-1 Male x 1 Box (10 vials x 8 ml)

Product Details

Filorga 4 in 1

The most popular product for those looking to Delay or Reverse the effects of aging.

Enhanced MEMORY

Increased ENERGY

Improved OVERALL

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals.
Filorga 4-In-1
Stem Cell Extracts
(Female or Male)
    Filorga's 4-In-1 Tissular Extract has specific formulas for men and women. This carefully formulated blend of stem cell extracts combines 4 different stem cell extracts to bring about an overall improvement and rejuvenation to anyone looking for a general boost. Restore stamina, improve blood circulation, bolster your immune system and bring suppleness back to your skin.
Filorga 4-In-1 Female Benefits:
Filorga 4-In-1 Female helps to regulate hormone balance and availability. This means that with Filorga 4-In-1 it is possible that menopausal onset and symptoms can be delayed! The addition of Ovary stem cell extracts will
Strengthen the blood vessels
Regulate menstruation
Imporve women's fertility and productive system
Filorga 4-In-1 Male Benefits:
For men, Filorga 4-In-1 Male, virility can be retained and restored, preventing male sexual dysfunction and delaying male menopause. Filorga 4-In-1 Male has the addition of Testis stem cell extracts to
Regulate levels of testosterone
Reduce cholesterol
Bolster sexual performance
Stem Cell Extracts Included in
Filorga's 4-In-1

Whole embryo:

These extract promote regeneration of the endocrine system while eliminating fatigue.


Thymus extracts will strengthen the body's immune function while protecting the body from infection and disease.

Whole brain:

Whole brain extracts help to enhance neural functions and improve memory by promoting brain cell activation as well as get away from dementia.

Ovary or Testis:

Ovary for women and Testis for men respectively.

Dosage & Usage
For a generally healthy person using Filorga 4-In-1 Stem Cell Extracts for the purpose of anti-aging and aesthetic improvement, we suggest one vial every 3-7 days. Each box contains 10 vials of 8 ml each and one box constitues one course. Each box will provide roughly 2-3 months treatments.
Due to advances in nano-technology and stem-cell filtration technology, Filorga 4-In-1 Stem Cell Extracts is small enough to be absorbed directly through the mouth and is equally effective as other methods. Simply swish the entire contents of the vial around the inside of the mouth for 30 seconds to a minute, before swallowing. This should be done before going to bed or in-between meals.

* May not be suitable for pregnant women.
Please consult with your doctor or healthcare professional first.


FILORGA BRM have a shelf-life of 4 years, if kept in a refrigerator at optimum temperature from +2°C to +10°C (not frozen) and fully protected from direct sunlight.


Filorga BRM is pure cell extracts from fetal organs or tissues of low molecular weight as determined by the size of the micro pores in the micro filter. During the manufacturing, cells and other materials of high molecular weight are separated from the molecules of low molecular weight, using our advanced multiple micro filtration technology. The separation level is determined by the size of the micro filters.

Approved and Certified by
BRM of organs and tissues are obtained from fetal organs or tissues from closed colony of Ovine as per requirement of Euro veterinary and AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International), also clinically tested by oneof France largest independent laboratory working in compliance with the OECD guidelines and GLP principles (Good Laboratory Practices).
Range Of Application
FILORGA BRM are used for the restoration and regeneration of immature or deteriorating organic structure, disorder control systems and loss of function due to disease(s). Appendix 1 lists the types of BRM. Combinations of BRM procured from different organs, rather than a single BRM organ therapy, are usually prescribed if the entire system is disrupted by a chronic disease. The combinations of BRM therapy will also be recommended to degenerative disease, enzyme defects, and multiple-organ disorders. Practical examples of the BRM combinations are in. Appendix 2 Common types of BRM combination . BRM of various organs & tissues are biological supplements that are chemical and additive free, sterile and have low molecular weight. BRM serves fundamentally as "biological building blocks" to surrogate defective molecular structures, and consequently restore, regenerate and improve the malfunction. The BRM range of therapeutic use includes deteriorating functions due to chronic diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, aging, etc.

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals.