Surface Whitebox

Surface Whitebox
Surface Whitebox set (5 vials x 5 ml + Cream + Serum) 1 box
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French Innovation
dedicated to your beauty

Located in Paris, MAYER & SONS has created a complete range of innovative, safe and unique products on the market: Surface. Thanks to our team's global expertise, we offer patients the best natural solutions for their skin.

A pioneer in the development of lightening skin care, MAYER & SONS has created a new groundbreaking lightening treatment that combines mesotherapy and cosmeceuticals. The new dermatologically tested treatment removes pigment and age spots. It leaves skin looking pure and smooth.

  • Scientific test: Continuous and random scientific checks during the manufacturing stage.
  • Technical test : Continuous monitoring of packaging and dosage during production.
  • Supply chain: Mayer & Sons monitors the entire chain from research and development to the distribution process.

Whitebox is a revolutionary treatment formulated to lighten the skin and reduce pigment spots. Developed by numerous scientists and tested over several months, this unique solution responds to all your major skin problems. The five-week protocol has proven efficacy: skin appears smooth and flawless.

Over the years, research has shown that combining the GABA Complex with Glutathione increases its reducing effect on pigment spots. The GABA Complex helps to create an even skin tone while Glutathione deeply detoxifies the skin. Whitebox brings these discoveries together to offer a unique treatment.


Surface has created an all-in-one treatment to lighten the complexion by combining three innovative products to provide optimal results. These products encourage a smooth complexion with the help of glutathione, which detoxifies the skin in depth. Combined, they allow for a sharp reduction in pigmentation spots, and visibly evenout and lighten the complexion.

In Whitebox , you will find:

  • A brightening face cream formulated to correct pigment irregularities.
  • A concentrated anti-pigment spot serum for the face that is highly enriched with the active GABA complex and particularly effective against pigment spots.
  • A cocktail of brightening agents and antioxidants that help to maintain a luminous complexion.
  • A mesoroller so you can apply Surface White in complete safety from the comfort of your home.

With the GABA complex in 3% concentration

The patented GABA complex has been specifically developed to brighten and even out the complexion by safely correcting pigment irregularities. This formula leaves the skin hydrated.

Specifically designed to treat the face, this cream is lightweight and applies evenly.

Thanks to the GABA Complex in 3% concentration, Surface Cream has a remarkable effect on the complexion's radiance and evenness after only 28 days of treatment.

With GABA complex in 10% concentration

This extra-concentrated serum has been formulated to reduce pigment spots. The serum is paraben-free and is easily absorbed into the skin.

After 4 weeks of treatment, the results are impressive: pigment spots are reduced by 80%*. Apply twice a day over the entire face. It can also be used in combination with Surface Lightening Face Cream for optimal efficacy, offering a complete solution to enhance your complexion.

Glutathione is an antioxidant, composed of an amino acid called cysteine, glutamate and glycine. This antioxidant is found in high quantities particularly in the liver, pancreas, spleen and eyes. Its concentration decreases naturally with age.

Glutathione reduces thelevel of cysteine on the protein surface, helpingto repair DNA and making it easier to recycle vitamins C and E. It plays an essential role in detoxifying the body. Thanks to its detoxifying effect, Glutathione slows and reduces the signs of aging. Glutathione has a lightening effect on skin thanks to different mechanisms at various stages of melanogenesis. Its antioxidant action allows it to inhibit melanin synthesis while calming free radicals and peroxides

What you need to know

How to use serum and cream

By combining the three White products (serum, cream and mesotherapy vials), Surface offers a complete treatment to even out and brighten the complexion in five weeks.

The serum and the cream are to be applied every day, morning and evening - the serum first, followed by the cream.

The mesotherapy product is to be applied once per week

How to use mesotherapy

Mesotherapy usually takes place at a doctor's office under the doctor's care or in a beauty institute under the care of aestheticians, depending on the country. The doctor or aesthetician will apply the content of the vials once a week using a dermaroller (with 1 mm to 3 mm micro-needles) to apply the product until it is completely absorbed. Surface offers a «home» pack for mesotherapy: five vials and a dermaroller with 0.3 mm micro-needles for safe use at home once a week for five weeks.
With regard to product application using a dermaroller (in an institute or at home), the dermaroller must be disinfected before it is used (with 90° alcohol, for example). We recommend you pour the content of the vial into a small cup, place the head of the dermaroller in the cup and repeat horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements on the zone of the skin until the skin fully absorbs the product. At times, redness may appear on the face where the product was applied. This phenomenon is normal and natural.

We recommend you refrain from applying skin products (cream, serums, etc.) or going out in the sun for the 24 hours that precede and follow the treatment. However, a moisturizing mask may be used to optimise the skin's hydration and soothe the few red spots after application.

Our five-week treatments are supplied with a mesoroller for home use, which allows you to apply the product safely once a week to refresh your skin.

The mesoroller is an extremely precise and effective tool. It allows the product to penetrate the outer layers of the epidermis. The 540 micro-needles boost the product's penetration and regenerate the skin.

The five-week treatment is to be repeated regularly in order to hydrate the skin so that it remains radiant and elastic.

Innovation and safety

It's all for your beauty

Focus on the GABA complex receptor

GABA (Gamma-Amino-Butyric Acid) is the main whitening product in both our Surface Serum and our Surface Cream. It is a safer and more natural alternative to hydroquinone, which is severely rejected by many countries, due to its numerous side effects. The GABA molecule is an amino acid naturally synthesized by the human body. It has shown many positive effects on human health and specifically on skin treatment.

Why are antioxidants effective when it comes to pigmentation issues?

Glutathione, which is the main component of Surface White, is one the most precious antioxidant that exists. Its effect is incredible: whether on serious diseases and particularly on dark spots, Glutathione has shown its efficiency over the years.By following the five weeks protocol, one will find one's skin spotless and glowing.The alliance of water and glutathione PURIFIES and DETOXIFIES the skin.







A brightening face cream dedicated to correcting pigmentation irregularities

An anti-dark spots serum highly concentrated in active GABA complex, particularly effective against installed dark spots

A cocktail of skin whitening and antioxidants that contributes to the maintenance of a luminous skin.

Whitebox effects on dark spots fading

How to efficiently use the Whitebox protocol ?

By combining the three products over the course of five weeks, the skin is treated in depth,and epidermal improvement is stimulated. Over the years, research has shown that the effects on dark spots reduction are multiplied when GABA complex and GLUTATHIONE are associated. Indeed, the GABA complex encourages complexion homogenization and GLUTATHIONE deeply detoxifies the skin.

Surface Cream and Serum should be used on a daily basis to restore the epidermis
Surface White should be administered by a doctor, or applied on the surface of the skin with a roller once a week, to lighten and encourage skin radiance.
Reveal your natural beauty

Surface White ingredients
Face care . 5 Vials x 5 ml . Topic use . Single Use . Dispose all after Use
Aqua (water) . Glutathione . Sodium hydroxide . Folic acid . Halidrys . Siliquosa extract . Pueraria lobata symbiosome extract . Pentylene glcol . Phenoxyethanol . Superoxide dismutase . Tromethamine . Potassium sorbate . Sodium benzoate.

Surface Serum ingredients
Aqua (water) . Glycerin . Lactic acid . PPG-26-BUTETH-26 . Paraffinum liquidium (Mineral oil) . Oryza sativa (Rice) germ extract . PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor oil . Caprylyl Glcol . Sodium hydroxide . Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer . Sodium benzoate . Caprylhydroxamic acid . Butylene glycol . Dextrin . Citrus limon (Lemon) fruit extract . Morus alba root extract.

MGC Internationnal
75010 Paris
Clinically tested on dark phototypes showing dark spots.
Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid Exposure to sunlight.
Guaranteed without paraben, without silicone, without phenoxyethanol, without animal extract
Surface Cream ingredients
Aqua (water) . Paraffinum liquidium (Mineral oil) . Cetearyl alcohol . Glycerin . Magnesium aluminum silicate . Candelilla/jojoba/rice bran polyglyceryl - 3 esters . Glyceryl stearate . Cyclopentasiloxane . Xanthan gum . p-Anisic acid . Oryza sativa (Rice) germ extract . Sodium benzoate . o-Cymen-5-OI . Butylene glycol . Dextrin . Citrus limon (Lemon) fruit extract . Morus alba root extract . Linalool . Benzyl salicylate . Butylphenyl methylpropinal . Limonene . Benzyl alcohol . Alpha-isomethyl ionone . Hydroxycitronellal.

MGC Internationnal
75010 Paris
Clinically tested on dark phototypes
Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid Exposure to sunlight.
Guaranteed without paraben, without silicone, without phenoxyethanol, without animal extract