Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

You’ll always get the best prices with us!


What is the NS-Mart Best Price Guarantee?

If you find a price better than ours before you make a purchase, or within 1 week (7 days) of a payment, we will match that price and credit you the difference!  


How to make a Best Price Guarantee claim

Just forward us the complete e-mail and/or URL and send it to us at with the subject “Best Price Guarantee: Claim.” As soon as it’s verified, we will contact you again.


Conditions for Best Price Guarantee

  • When comparing competitor prices, please keep in mind that NS-Mart prices are inclusive of shipping and sometimes complimentary gifts, as well, and these will be calculated when comparing the final price.
  • We cannot accept claims on auction sites like eBay, Yahoo Auction, etc. as it can be easily manipulated and availability of stock cannot be verified.


Note: All prices on our website are listed in US Dollars.




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