Elix Red Diamond

Elix Red Diamond
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Product Details

Elix Aura Advanced Sheep placenta Capsules

Close to 1 Million Elix Supplements SOLD!
Be Part of the Elix Million!

Elix Aura has the highest levels of Perfected ingredients
for a anti aging and cell activating oral supplement.

Look and Feel 10 years Younger

With Elix Aura

Elix Red Diamond is the NEW and ADVANCED oral Antiaging supplement . Extensive research has succesfully created a uniuqe formulation of sheep placenta pared with 100% Essential natural ingredients. You will see proven visible results, as early as 10 days.

Natural Anti Aging

Skin Therapy in a capsule

- Improve and revitalize skin appearance at a cellular level

- Finer complexion and even skin tone with reduced dark spots

- Lightened facial pigmentation and refined facial pores

- Rebuild collagen and elastin with improved Elasticity and firmness

- Decrease redness and inflammation .

- 100% Natural Ingredients free from chemicals

- Re-balance oily acne prone skin

- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles / crow’s feet

- Repair damaged skin and slow down premature aging

- Maintain moisture and retain skin hydration

- Reduce dark circles and puffiness around your eyes

- Fast recovery and wound healing

- Reduce scars and rebuild scar tissue

- Radiate your skin naturally

- Renewed elasticity - particular areas of sagging skin - chin, neck & bust

Maintain Optimum Health &

reverse signs of aging with

an advanced Rejuvenation therapy

- Delay symptoms of age

- Delay and reduce pre-menopausal symptoms for men and women

- Stop night sweats and have better sleep quality

- Fast relief from irregular menstrual cycle

- Relieve muscle cramps and improve circulation and flexibility

- Strengthen joints and muscles

- Stimulate and renew hair follicles

- Increase Growth and shine to your hair

- Lower cholesterol and boost energy

- Daily relief from incontinence

- Strengthen immune system against diseases and colds

- Experience stronger libido and Stamina

- Sheep Placenta proven sex food for body

- Speed up metabolism and firm body

- Enhance energy and stop fatigue

  Better quality of sleep and wake up refreshed

- Strengthen brain functions and cognitive health

- Treat dysmenorrhea

- Conquer insomnia

- Promote Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

- Natural pain relief

- Stress relief - reduce tension and worry and feel calm

- Stop anxiety and panic attacks

- Gain mental energy and concentration

- Healthy brain food - manage work life balance

- Adult natural quality sleep support

- Strengthen thinning hair and hair loss

- Increase metabolic rate and burn fat

- Balance thyroid problems

- Burn calories and stabilize weight

- Support sick and injured organs

- Colds and flus reduced with a strengthened immune system

- Reduce tummy fat after pregnancy

Elix Aura and New Elix Red Diamond

2 Capsules include: 10,000mg of Sheep Placenta
Takes 2 capsules per day
20 Capsules in 1 pack (Trial Pack)
10 days dosage per pack
220% UP 2 Capsule include: 22,000mg of Sheep Placenta
Takes 1-2 capsules per day
20 Capsules in 1 pack 
10-20 days dosage per pack

See why customers choose

Elix Red Diamond
Advanced Sheep Placenta
Anti aging Supplements.

11,000 mg Premium Sheep Placenta

With a class leading 11,000 mg equivalent of premium sheep placenta per dose, Elix Red Diamond will give you the most of one of the richest known sources of nutrients, growth factors, immune co-factors and bio-active cytokines for anti-aging.

Satisfying Every Cell in Your Body !

Elix Aura is further enhanced, with a unique formulation of additional cosmeceutical and 100% natural ingredients for amazing results. Each capsule contains the perfect balance for maximum optimum results.

Performance Enhancing
Natural Ingredients

Elix Red Diamond has many anti-oxidative &
cell rejuvenating properties.

These carefully selected ingredients improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the already Premium Quality of Elix Aura advanced capsules.

Sheep Placenta


Premium Anti aging properties at a cellular Level

High health benefits for total body rejuvenation

Reducing overall aging symptoms internally & externally

Marine Collagen


Repair and Replace the Natural Collagen in your Body

Skin will look & feel younger. Firm and tone your body



Improves overall cardiovascular fitness. Repair liver, lungs & kidneys.

Speed up metabolism with faster Recovery



Powerful Antioxidant.

Regenerate new cells. Support healthy heart & healthy blood

Improved Oral and Dental Health

Fish Protein


Natural Brain Food Improve Brain Development

Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

Vitamin D - B2 - High in Calcium

Grape Seed Oil


Improve overall Skin Quality

Balance Cholesterol levels

Reduce swelling and painful symptoms from varicose veins

Pomegranate Extract


Fights cancer causing cells

Anti-inflammatory properties

Slow down pre-mature aging Enhance Skin, Hair & Nails

High Source of Vitamin C

Elix Aura Advanced Sheep Placenta Capsule *
Another Competitor

Elix Aura Advanced Sheep Placenta Capsule
Another Competitors
* (recommended daily dosage 2 capsules)