3 in 1 - 7 types

3 in 1 - 7 types
Filorga A-Series 7 Types (10 Vials x 5ml )
Filorga 3 in 1 Anti-Gout 1 box (10 Vials x 5ml )
Filorga 3 in 1 Self-Defense 1 box (10 Vials x 5ml )

Product Details

7 Treatments

Enhanced MEMORY

Increased ENERGY

Improved OVERALL

The most popular product for those looking to Delay or Reverse the effects of aging.

Filorga A-Series
Fantastic preventative treatment for those who have early indications of onset or hereditary tendencies.
Filorga BRM's fully research and developed in France are organ- specific extracts with the most advance cellular extraction technology that contain specific organs or tissues from animal fetal cells (in our case from Ovine) and is sterilized by micro filtration.Micro-filtration is a filtration process which removes contaminants from a fluid (liquid & gas) by passage through a microporous membrane that removed all bacteria.
Filorga (3-In-1) A-Series: Condition Specific Stem Cell Extract Blends
Filorga A-Series provides you one easy to take vial for seven of the most common and frequent conditions and ailments we encounter as we get older. Each type is specifically formulated with the ideal combination of several types of Filorga organ specific stem cell extracts. Each blend provides targeted improvement and rejuvenation of all the organs that are related to a specific condition for comprehensive yet thorough treatment. Not only is it an effective treatment for those already experiencing symptoms of these ailments, Filorga A-Series is a fantastic preventative treatment as well, especially those who have early indications of onset or hereditary tendencies. This product can conveniently be combined with other products in the Filorga BRM range to enhance and compliment your specific situation for a truly customized treatment.
The 7 Types of Filorga A-Series
Filorga Pancreas
Filorga Liver
Filorga Intestine, combined
This set works to combat with diabetes by
- Controlling sugar blood level
- Converting glucose (blood sugar) to glycogen (stored energy)
- Increasing intestinal health
- Enhancing digestive system
- Eliminating harmful toxins
- Improving the function of stomach and intestine
Filorga Liver
Filorga Pancreas
Filorga Stomach, combined
This set works to combat with Gout by
- Diminishing Gout's symptoms
- Enhancing pancreas functions
- Improving stamina
- Boosting metabolism
Filorga Artery
Filorga Veins
Filorga Cardia, combined
This set works to fight against heart disease by
- Strengthening cardiovascular function
- Enhancing the functions of artery and veins
- Improving blood circulation
Filorga Kidney
Filorga Spleen
Filorga Intestine, combined
This set works to keep you far away from future stroke by
- Lowering blood pressure which is a primary cause of stroke
- Invigorating body and restoring energy
- Increasing blood circulation
- Enhancing immunity's functions
- Detoxifying total intestines to eliminate toxic substances
Filorga Spleen
Filorga Bone Marrow
Filorga Thymus, combined
This set works to prevent against catching major diseases by
- Enhancing immune system.
- Creating stronger bone marrow within the body.
- Strengthening white blood cells
- Improving recurring infection
Filorga Ovary
Filorga Adrenal
Filorga Hypothalamus, combined
This set works to modulate functions of the female
organs and glands by

- Optimizing estrogen and progesterone levels
- Regulating menstrual cycles
- Delaying menopausal symptoms
- Increasing energy
- Relieving stress
- Improving night rest
Filorga Testis
Filorga Adrenal
Filorga Hypothalamus, combined
This set works to modulate functions of the male organs and glands by
- Promoting testosterone production
- Stimulating fertility and sperm production
- Improving stamina and restoring energy
- Relieving stress
- Increasing sleep quality
(If you would still like more information about one of the Filorga A-Series products or a brochure to look over in the privacy of your own home or office, please feel free to contact us for more information.)
Dosage & Usage
For a generally healthy person using Filorga 4-In-1 Stem Cell Extracts for the purpose of anti-aging and aesthetic improvement, we suggest one vial every 3-7 days. Each box contains 10 vials of 8 ml each and one box constitues one course. Each box will provide roughly 2-3 months treatments.

FILORGA BRM have a shelf-life of 4 years, if kept in a refrigerator at optimum temperature from +2°C to +10°C (not frozen) and fully protected from direct sunlight.


Filorga BRM is pure cell extracts from fetal organs or tissues of low molecular weight as determined by the size of the micro pores in the micro filter. During the manufacturing, cells and other materials of high molecular weight are separated from the molecules of low molecular weight, using our advanced multiple micro filtration technology. The separation level is determined by the size of the micro filters.

Approved and Certified by
BRM of organs and tissues are obtained from fetal organs or tissues from closed colony of Ovine as per requirement of Euro veterinary and AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International), also clinically tested by oneof France largest independent laboratory working in compliance with the OECD guidelines and GLP principles (Good Laboratory Practices).
Range Of Application
FILORGA BRM are used for the restoration and regeneration of immature or deteriorating organic structure, disorder control systems and loss of function due to disease(s). Appendix 1 lists the types of BRM. Combinations of BRM procured from different organs, rather than a single BRM organ therapy, are usually prescribed if the entire system is disrupted by a chronic disease. The combinations of BRM therapy will also be recommended to degenerative disease, enzyme defects, and multiple-organ disorders. Practical examples of the BRM combinations are in. Appendix 2 Common types of BRM combination . BRM of various organs & tissues are biological supplements that are chemical and additive free, sterile and have low molecular weight. BRM serves fundamentally as "biological building blocks" to surrogate defective molecular structures, and consequently restore, regenerate and improve the malfunction. The BRM range of therapeutic use includes deteriorating functions due to chronic diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, aging, etc.

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals.