Surface Meso

Surface Meso
Surface Meso Set + Dermal Roller [1 box] = 5 vials x 5 ml

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Located in Paris, MAYER & SONS has created a complete range of innovative, safe and unique products on the market: Surface. Thanks to our team's global expertise, we offer patients the best natural solutions for their skin.

A pioneer in the development of lightening skin care, MAYER & SONS has created a new groundbreaking lightening treatment that combines mesotherapy and cosmeceuticals. The new dermatologically tested treatment removes pigment and age spots. It leaves skin looking pure and smooth.

  • Scientific test: Continuous and random scientific checks during the manufacturing stage.
  • Technical test : Continuous monitoring of packaging and dosage during production.
  • Supply chain: Mayer & Sons monitors the entire chain from research and development to the distribution process.

Surface Meso is a non-invasive treatment. Developed by our innovative laboratory, its formula leaves skin soothed and hydrated. Dimethylaminoethanol, one of the key active ingredients found in our formula, is used preservative-free. A cocktail of vitamins offers your skin the energy it needs to stay beautiful. Surface Meso improves the skin’s appearance and enhances the complexion. Every woman deserves the best. Stay natural, stay simple, stay gorgeous: start using Surface Meso now.


Mesotherapy usually takes place at a doctor’s office under the doctor’s care or in a beauty institute under the care of aestheticians, depending on the country. The doctor or aesthetician will apply the content of the vials once a week using a dermaroller (with 1 mm to 3 mm micro-needles) to apply the product until it is completely absorbed. Surface offers a «home» pack for mesotherapy: five vials and a dermaroller with 0.3 mm micro-needles for safe use at home once a week for five weeks.
With regard to product application using a dermaroller (in an institute or at home), the dermaroller must be disinfected before it is used (with 90° alcohol, for example). We recommend you pour the content of the vial into a small cup, place the head of the dermaroller in the cup and repeat horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements on the zone of the skin until the skin fully absorbs the product. At times, redness may appear on the face where the product was applied. This phenomenon is normal and natural.

We recommend you refrain from applying skin products (cream, serums, etc.) or going out in the sun for the 24 hours that precede and follow the treatment. However, a moisturizing mask may be used to optimise the skin’s hydration and soothe the few red spots after application.

Our five-week treatments are supplied with a mesoroller for home use, which allows you to apply the product safely once a week to refresh your skin.

The mesoroller is an extremely precise and effective tool. It allows the product to penetrate the outer layers of the epidermis. The 540 micro-needles boost the product’s penetration and regenerate the skin.

The five-week treatment is to be repeated regularly in order to hydrate the skin so that it remains radiant and elastic.