Care For Spinal Health

          A spine, also known as the “back bone,” plays an extremely critical role in protecting the spinal cord - which is the major column of nerve tissues accountable for sending, along with receiving messages, between the brain and the rest of the body in order to control bodily movements and organ functions. Further, another main responsibility of the spine is to support the body's weight. 

         The spine has to work hard for all day long, so keeping it as healthy as possible is worth your time. You can truly enjoy maintaining your healthy spine, by these easy and fun tips below!

1. Pay attention to your sleeping habits.

    You need to be assured that your spine really “at rest,” while you are sleeping. When you’re asleep, this is actually a very good opportunity for your spine to relax and rejuvenate. It means that when you sleep with the correct posture, all the components within the spine can completely rest too. With a good night’s rest, the body is better able to repair itself.

When you're asleep, this is a very good opportunity for your spine to relax

Sleeping on your side is the proper posture.
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The proper posture for a good night's sleep is either sleeping on your side, or flat on your back. Sleeping on the stomach should be avoided because it is the most dangerous type of posture for your spine, your back and also your neck. It gives too much pressure on those organs. More importantly, your mattress and your pillow are essential for ensuring proper rest and and relaxation of the spine - in order to have a comfortable night’s rest.

2. Always stay active and alert. 

    This is not only possible by visiting your local gym - but also walking, jogging, biking or even playing with the kids are absolutely good for your overall health including your spine, because body movement can help to strengthen your spine. Exercises suitable for a healthy spine together with other organs attached to the spine include stretching, and strengthening plus aerobic activities. Therefore physical activities have the ability to decrease any excessive weight - which is one of the primary factors providing the high pressure on the backbone leading to back pain.

Jogging is absolutely good for your spinal health.

Jogging is good for your spine
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3. Perform proper ergonomics

     Appropriate postures for your daily activities, need to remain a primary focus since no matter what posture you actively engage in, they all have influences on your spine. Sitting down with a straight back, choosing a chair with back cushioning and support, a proper work space (your desk, computer, telephone or even other facilities – need to be appropriately set up for your height, your movement and also your comfort). Moreover, you should avoid staying in the same posture for too long, because it can harm your spine resulting in back pain.

Perform proper ergonomics

A proper work space is one of the appropriate ergonomics for your spine.
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4. A healthy diet.

     You can sustain your spine health, by giving your body the nutrients needed for it. As you know that the spine is involved with tissues, nerves, ligaments, tendons and muscles as well, and trying to select some beneficial foods for all mentioned organs is worth absolutely something to highly consider!

Healthy diet is recommended for overall health including your spine

Healthy Eating
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Here are some nutrients useful for overall spine health:

  •         Calcium 
  •         Magnesium from dark chocolate, nuts plus sunflower seeds
  •         Vitamin D from fish and also sunlight (approximately 20 minutes of sun exposure in the morning is advised)
  •         Vitamin K from green/leafy vegetables
  •         Vitamin C from lemons, oranges and strawberries
  •         Vitamin A from carrots and sweet potatoes
  •         Sulfur from broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and onions


       Interesting enough, at this moment, there are countless supplements that have the ability to boost your overall health, including spine health, as well. “Filorga Spinal cord” can be a good supplement to help strengthen the entire spine. Filorga Spinal Cord is derived from embryonic stem cell extracts, which can help to rebuild or even repair the spinal cord. 


The benefits of Filorga Spinal cord:

       Filorga Spinal cord will aid to strengthen your spinal cord! Filorga also has the ability to possibly improve balance and motor function, which is directly associated with the spine. It could also enhance the transmission of messages between the brain and the rest organs in the body. Filorga Spinal Cord also has the potential to relieve and prevent symptoms related with spinal cord injuries and so on.