Carefully Treating Your Diabetes

Have you ever been reluctant to take your medication? To take an injection and frequently see the doctor to control blood glucose levels?

If yes, then why don't you try other treatments to help control your blood glucose levels - apart from medical treatment?

"Taking very good care of ourselves," is the best remedy to heal as well as to prevent you from contracting any diseases or illnesses. Participating in physical activities, maintaining a good diet, sleeping properly, daily behaviors and much more – can all have great impacts on becoming or not becoming an at-risk patient and preventing diseases/illnesses.

For diabetic patients, all of the above stated activities are quite healthy for them as well - but they should be more careful with the type of physical activities. 

Choose your favorite physical activities:

According to the American Diabetic Association, there are four types of suitable physical activities for diabetes.

1. Activities

Activities that do not require very high amounts of strenuous activity, is actually good for patients such as walking, jogging, using the stairs, and moving around throughout the day. When the body is active, the cells are more sensitive to insulin. As a result, insulin can work more effectively.


Jogging is a good activity for diabetic patients.

Jogging is a good activity for diabetic patients. (Image credited to


2. Aerobics Exercises

Aerobic exercises are beneficial to improve your blood circulation. They have potential to decrease glucose levels within your blood as well. You can start from a few simple minutes a day and increase that time to until about 30 minutes a day! You start with brisk walking or riding a bicycle around the house or at the public park. Joining an aerobics class and swimming is also healthy and sounds enjoyable as well.


Aerobic exercises are beneficial for diabetic sufferers.

Aerobics Exercises (Image credited to

3. Strength Training

Strength training has the potential to strength your bones together along with your muscles. It can also help you to burn more calories during your workouts. Recommended strength trainings are lifting weights (start light and work your way up), participate in elastic band or plastic tubes strength training exercises. 


Lifting weights is one of strength training that has potential to diabetic patients.

Lifting Weights (Image credited to

4. Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are a kind of gentle exercises that most people use for a warm up prior to starting harder exercises and as a way to cool down after as well.


Stretching exercises are useful for people with diabetic symptoms.

Stretching Exercises (Image credited to


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