Filorga Cartilage (CE)

Cartilage (CE):

The medical dictionary defines "cartilage" as firm, rubbery tissue that cushions bones and joints. A flexible kind of cartilage makes up other parts of the body, such as the larynx and the outside parts of the ears. According to International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS), the cartilage is composed of approximately 65-80% of water and the rest is a gel-like substance called “The Matrix.” The ICRS has also stated that cartilage consists of a complex structure and lacks of blood supply that's why it's very difficult to repair or even restore when it's damaged by diseases or injury.

So keeping it strong is needed, but don't worry if your cartilage gets injured or diseased, you still have the QUALIFIED HELP OF "Filorga Cartilage," which is specific organ specific embryonic stem cell extracts. 

What Are Filorga Organ Specific Embryonic Stem Cell Extracts?

Filorga embryonic stem cell extracts are derived from embryos which have no limit to develop into any specific tissue or organ. They therefore can produce all cell types. After the stem cell extracts injected into the body, they will replace the damaged cells and they are also self-renewal abilities to become the new and healthier cells to that particular tissue or organ. It's undoubted that Filorga organ specific embryonic stem cell extracts can relieve your disease, relieve your pain from diseases and prevent you from diseases as well.

What Is Filorga Cartilage? 

When it comes to Filorga Cartilage, it has high qualifications to strengthen your cartilage. It has great properties to improve cartilage as well as bone health. Both cartilage and bones have reciprocal effects when they get injured. If you maintain them with an adequate substance absorbed very well in your cells, like “Filorga Cartilage,” your worries about cartilage disease or injuries - will officially disappear. In addition, decreasing symptoms of Rheumatism and Bone Hyperplasia is also one of its efficient qualifications. It is therefore capable to increase mobility after you get synovial fluid abnormalities. 

How to Use Filorga Cartilage:

Filorga organ specific embryonic stem cell extracts is easily intake. You just inject into your body, via an Intra-Muscular (IM) injection.