Filorga Total Intestine (TI)

What Are The Intestines?

"Intestines" are a long tube connected from the stomach to the anus. They are important organs within the digestive system. Intestines are composed of two parts; small intestines and large intestines - which are responsible for different roles in digestive system. With small intestines, it's the place where the chemical digestion by enzymes and acids is taken place in order to change the foods we ate in the form that can be absorbed.

For the large intestines, according to the website, have three primary capacities as follow: 

  1. Absorb water together, and turn the waste foods into a solid stool that gets expelled out of the body.
  2. Absorb Vitamins.
  3. Reduce acidity and protect from infections.
  4. Produce antibodies.

Total intestines

Total Intestines
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The intestines can be affected by many factors. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that environmental factors such as age, family history, gender and so on have a great impacts on IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) which a condition that occurrs in some parts of digestive tract. In addition, eating behavior has effect on digestive system as well. Toxic foods can absolutely harm your digestive tract. 

So while attempting to maintain your digestive system, selecting the useful foods is also a good way to keep up on your digestive health. More interestingly, you can re-boost your intestines at a cellular level with "Filorga Total Intestine," too!

What Are Filorga Organ Specific Embryonic Stem Cell Extracts?

Filorga Embryonic Stem Cell Extracts are derived from embryos which have no limit to develop into any specific tissue or organ. They therefore can produce all cell types. After the stem cell extracts are injected into the body, they will repair the damaged cells and they also encourage the body to sustain new cells to become healthy cells, in that particular tissue or organ. It's undoubted that Filorga organ specific embryonic stem cell extracts can relieve your disease, relieve your pain from diseases and prevent you from illness as well.

What Is Filorga Total Intestine (TI)?

Your digestive system will work more efficiently if it receives Filorga Total Intestine which has high potential to vitalize cells in your intestines. Your intestines, as well as digestive health, becomes stronger so that they can very well absorb beneficial nutrients into our body - on the other hand, they can very well drive the toxic nutrients along with the waste out of your body. When you get sick because of intestinal or other digestive illnesses, Filorga has ability to relieve symptoms such as bad breath, bitter taste in the mouth and constipation.


How To Use Filorga Total Intestine (TI):

Filorga organ specific embryonic stem cell extracts is very easy to take! You just inject 1 vial (every 3-7 days) into your body – via Intra-Muscular (IM) injection. 

It may also be taken orally as well. Just swish the contents of 1 vial (every 3-7 days) around your mouth for 30 seconds, prior to swallowing.