Boosting Collagen Production May Be Easier Than You Think.

Collagen boosters are currently popular within skin care product line ups worldwide - as many people know it can reduce the signs of facial aging, within a matter of a few treatment cycles. As many consumers know, collagen gives more elasticity to skin. The more collagen within the skin – the younger, smoother and firmer your skin looks. Collagen is widely used as a primary ingredient in many anti-aging creams. But does it truly give you more effective results? Does it really reduce your aging sings? 


One thing to keep in mind is, not every anti-aging skin cream on the market with collagen in it – has particles that are small enough to absorb into the skin. This is why consumers should be picky about the products they buy. So it’s very important to try to stimulate collagen production from the inside of the body first, in order to retain your youthful looks – longer! 

Try to consume foods beneficial for promote collagen production: 

- Soy products 

Soy products such as soy milk and cheese, are comprised of Genistein - which is a substance useful for enhancing collagen production within the body, along with combating against the skin aging process. 


Soy milk contains Genistein which is useful for collagen production.

Soy milk (Image credited to


- Dark green vegetables 

 Green vegetables are an excellent source of antioxidants and Lutein - which is a substance that helps to increase collagen production. In addition, leafy greens are rich in vitamin C, an essential substance in collagen formation! 

Dark green vegetable has ability to promote collagen production.

Dark Green Vegetables 


- Red fruits and vegetables 

Red fruits as well as vegetables, are dense with Lycopene – which is responsible in the fight against collagenases (which is an enzyme to destroy collagen). Besides, red fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants too, which have a higher influence in promoting collagen production within the body. 

Red fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants which have a higher influence in promoting collagen production.

Red fruits and Vegetables (Image credited to

- Garlic 

Garlic is absolutely packed with Sulfur, which is surprisingly essential in the production of collagen. The high amount of Lipoic and Taurine found in garlic, are also necessary for rebuilding damaged collagen fibers.


Garlic contains Sulfur that is essential in the production of collagen.



Stop bad habits in order to maintain good collagen production 

Adding some beneficial foods for collagen production, is probably not going to be sufficient enough - if you do not change any bad habits that can harm your collagen production first. It’s highly encouraged by our staff and even medical professionals worldwide, to discontinue doing the following activities - so that your body is able to produce collagen more effectively resulting in plump and youthful skin: 

  • Smoking 
  • Excessively drinking alcohol 
  • Not exercising 
  • Excessive exposure to the sun rays - while not using proper SPF sunscreen 

Collagen supplements 

Collagen supplements come in various forms including pills, powders and also liquid forms (injections). Collagen is therefore divided into 3 types depending which parts of the body you would like to fix. 

  • Type I Collagen for overall outer body improvement (skin). 

  • Type II Collagen for cartilage. 

  • Type III Collagen for bones, cartilages, dentin tendon and also other connective tissues. 


However, there are very few studies to back up the outcomes of collagen supplements as some of their product advertisements claim. So please be absolutely careful when you choose a collagen supplement. Collagen is regarded as an important component to beautify, as well as strengthen your skin but using only collagen supplements cannot help you to combat aging skin in the hopes of also trying to maintain your youthful skin. It is highly important to know that! 

So other alternative treatments to take along with/in conjunction to collagen supplements too, are highly advised. Let’s face it, it’s more beneficial to not just work on the skin itself, but to also encourage collagen production within the body as well! would like to introduce you to an effective anti-aging product called “Filorga Embryoblast”. 


Filorga embryoblast provides apparent results for your skin together with your overall health! 


Effective properties of “Filorga Embryoblast.” 


Benefits for skin and the anti-aging process 

  • Enhances bodily rejuvenation 

  • Repairs fine lines as well as wrinkles 

  • Restores elasticity to the skin  Rejuvenates hair along with hair follicles 

Benefits for overall health 

  • Maintains cardiovascular function 

  • Reduces unwanted stored fat 

  • Relieves symptoms caused from Rosacea 

  • Could potentially cure and relieve the impacts of chemotherapy or laser surgery 

  • Decreased scarring 

  • Potentially useful in the treatment of uterine and ovarian cysts