Filorga NCTF Meso-Needling

Filorga NCTF Meso-Needling
NCTF 135HA Needling Roller 0.5 mm.
NCTF 135HA Needling Roller 1 mm.

Product Details

An Innovative Skin Revitalizing Technique
Meso-Needling, pioneers of mesotherapy and bio-revitalisation by Filorga Laboratories is a new rejuvenating procedure, which is effective, quick and does not entail downtime. This short procedure (3 sessions) rapidly enhances the quality of facial skin and particularly the skin of difficult-to-treat areas of the neck and décolleté. A New Solution for Hair Loss Meso – Needling could be a new solution to treat patients suffering from hair loss (androgenic alopecia)
How does it work
Cellular Regeneration Resulting From A Synergy Of Actions
Meso-Needling combines in one simple and effective procedure, NCTF and a sterile single-use medical roller, which is endowed with CE marking.
 NCTF, the best poly-revitalising complex, with a formulation based on free hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight identical to that of the skin and on 53 nutritive elements, stimulates cellular metabolism
 Roller, the maximum safety medical device with CE marking - class llb
 Its penetration into the skin is facilitated by the several microperforations made using micro-needles. Moreover, these needles induce a process of skin repair, which stimulates collagen production and micro-circulation, producing a Fraxel-like effect.
Perfect Treatment for Rejuvenation
From the very 1st session, you would experience a lifting effect and an immediate glow, without any bruising and without downtime. After 3 sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart, the skin is firmer, clearer, and more radiant.  
Meso - Needling has capacities to
1. Activates the tissue repair system
- Stimulates the production of endogenous elastin and collagen
- Improves firmness, elasticity, and hydration
- Improves the appearance of residual scars
- Penetration of the actives applied on the skin thanks to the thousands of micro-pores that are created
- Immediately imparts radiance
- Helps eliminate dark spots
- Refines skin texture
Perfect Treatment for Alopecia
A Complete Formular for Hair Regrowth
Meso - Needling could be potential to
1. Renewal of pilous follicle
2. Powerful antioxidants
3. Vasodilatator
Dosage & Usage:
For rejuvenation :
3 sessions conducted with a gap of 15 days to 1 month between each of them according to the skin and indications
Recommendations and Tips for Meso-Needling
- It is possible to carry out a peeling 1 week before the 1st meso-needling session, to refine the epidermis. Do not combine peeling and meso-needling in a single session.
- Recommend on SPF50+ screen for the entire duration of the treatment.
- The inner side of the arms can also be treated. Do not apply on the hands.
For Alopecia :
Meso-Needling session every 15 days for 3 months or every month for 5 months.

* All supplements and therapies should be used under a doctor's supervision. Please consult with your physician prior to use.
The roller together with replacement head that come in blister pack are definitely sterile by Gamma rays. For micro needles, they are made of surgical stainless steel.
Package Revitalisation (10 sessions)
1 box of 10 NCTF 135HA (new box without needles and syringes)

1 roller (10 disks - 1mm)

3 boxes of 3 heads (10 disks - 1mm)
Package Alopecia (10 sessions)
1 box of 10 NCTF 135HA (new box without needles and syringes)

2 boxes of 3 heads (10 disks - 0.5mm)

1 box of 3 heads (4 disks - 0.5mm)