Filorga Glykopeel

Filorga Glykopeel
Filorga Glykopeel Kit 50% (4 bottle set)

Product Details


Filorga Glykopeel
is proven to effectively treat:
Hyper Pigmentation
Loss of Suppleness
Microcystic Acne
Dull Complexions
Other Blemishes


From the very first session, the benefits of this revolutionary product are visible with a brighter complexion, diminished imperfections and finer skin texture. After 3 to 5 sessions, Glykopeel revitalizes your appearance as pores become tighter, complexions are even more radiant, wrinkles are wiped away and pigment spots diminish.
Filorga Glykopeel is a unique treatment plan that stimulates cell regeneration and promotes cell renewal. This means you will be shedding old skin cells and restoring a healthy, smooth complexion. Glykopeel balances skin PH levels, clears blocked pores and provides deep-penetrating vitamin and nutrient delivery.
Depending on individual needs,
Glykopeel comes in two concentrations.
Glykopeel 20%
is appropriate for less
severe blemishes and corrections
Glykopeel 50%
concentration is recommended for
individuals requiring more intensive treatments.
Glykopeel is recommended to treat wrinkles, loss of suppleness, dull complexion, hyperpigmentation, microcystic acne and skin imperfections.

It visibly improves cutaneous state with no side effects.
Filorga Glykopeel
includes four products
to optimize skin health and appearance.
Exfoliation - Glycolic Acid (20% or 50%)
Stimulation - Mulberry, Brown Algae, Vitamin E, Glycerin
Protection - Vitamins A & C, Glycolic Acid
Correction - Kojic Acid, Bearberry, Vitamin C
Glykopeel Treatments
take about 10 minutes and
consist of four steps:
Purification and preparation of the skin
Application of glycolic acid
exfoliating solution (5 minutes)
*During this part of the treatment you might
experience a warm sensation. Some people
have found it to be slightly uncomfortable as
the glycolic acid takes effect.
Post-Peel & Mist
Neutralization and hydration that soothes
and brings immediate comfort
*All supplements and therapies should be used under a doctor's supervision. Please consult with your physician prior to use.