Swissoats A3 (30 capsules per box)

Swissoats A3 (30 capsules per box)
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Product Details

• Better Skin
• Anti-Aging
• Anti-Oxidant
• Relieve Female Menopause
• Quicker Cell Repair
• Prevent Heart-Attack
• Relief of Andropause
• Prevents High Cholesterol

After a decade of intensive research, the exciting, exclusive patented SwissOats A3 (enhanced formulation) has been created by highly-regarded scientists in Switzerland and Germany. Its synthesis of 3 extraordinary natural ingredients (comprised of Swiss Oats Extract, Stinging Nettles, and Sea Buckthorn) work in harmony to create a botanical extract that restores and rejuvenates our bodies, while also protecting them from the negative effects of aging and illness. Give your body the gift of vitality and youthfulness. SwissOats A3 is the one natural anti-aging formula that your body should not do without!

SWISSOATS A3 A Closer Look

SwissOats A3 is a specially-formulated natural botanical extract designed to


• Improve health
• Diminish aging,
• Increase cell metabolism.


In the mid-1990s, Swiss and German scientists discovered that cereal bran layers, such as oats, could deliver health and aging benefits, as well as cell metabolism activation. After extensive research to perfect such findings, they have generated the advanced formula of SwissOats A3.


This product boasts the following qualities:
• Safe
• Unique
• Highly advanced and well-researched   natural extract
• Provides a wide range of benefits in an   effort to create a healthier, youthful and   more vibrant you!

The Benefits of SwissOats A3

SWISSOATS A3 can begin to work even faster!

After consumption of 2 to 6 boxes of SwissOats A3, you will begin to feel and enjoy the following benefits (depending on individual life style) :
• Slow down the aging process
• Revitalize your body and mind
• Strengthen hair health
• Improve stamina, energy and strength
• Enhance mental function, especially memory, alertness and concentration
• Promote a stronger immune system and speed up recovery
• Enhance blood circulation and metabolism
• Helps prevent heart disease and other maladies
• Relieve stress
• Improve sleep
• Assist in weight loss by reducing Glycemic responses
• Ease symptoms of Gout, Arthritis and Rheumatism
Benefits For Men

• Relief of andropause and other symptoms related to low testosterone levels
• Remedy of benign prostate hyperplasia
• Protection from dramatic hair loss
Benefits For Women

• Relief of discomfort related to menopause and pre-menopause
• Easing of severe symptoms of PMS by reducing menstruation and decreasing cramps
• Nourishment and invigoration for pregnant women and breast- feeding mothers
• Combats post-natal depression
• Recommended for those affected from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Green Oats Extract (Avena Sativa)

This ingredient has been included in SwissOats A3 because oats are the first foods to have an FDA-approved specific health claim!

- Decrease the incidence of bowel cancer with a high fiber diet
- Enhance memory function due to high amounts of L-Dopa (an essential compound to produce Dopamine that is a neurotransmitter)
- Lower cholesterol
- Optimize blood sugar levels
- Increase red blood cell formation
- Improve cellular respiration

In addition, SwissOats A3 has an incredible amount of powerful anti-oxidants.

Stinging Nettles (Urtica Dioica)

This is a medicinal plant that is rich in crucial vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining good health.

- Restore proper blood circulation
- Increase red blood cell count
- Alleviate menopausal and pre-menopausal symptoms
- Provide nourishing agents for pregnant women and lactating mothers
- Soothe various ailments including allergic rhinitis, rheumatic disease, acute arthritis, benign prostate hyperplasia, etc.

Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides)

Sea Buckthorn is an extraordinary fruit recognized for its matchless content of vitamins C, A, and E, as well as other essential properties fundamental to proper health and wellness.

- Provide anti-oxidative and age-defying abilities
- Neutralize the cell damaging effect of free radicals due to powerful antioxidants
- Stimulate regeneration of tissues
- Protect against infection
- Prevent harmful effects of UV radiation on skin
- Protect high blood pressure and coronary heart disease
- Provide anti-inflammatory abilities
- Provide strong tonic for physical weakness, headache and mental exhaustion

SwissOats A3: Dosage

One capsule every day, after breakfast. One box is, therefore, enough for one month ( as each box contains 30 capsules). For an accelerated treatment, you may take two capsules per day (one in the morning and one in the everning, before bed).

The Smart Choice

SwissOats A3 is made from a very special strain of oats, producing a product that is higher in nutrients and quality than extracts pressed from common oat varieties. This plant contains the highest concentration of bioactive compounds when it is just beginning to flower.

The unique method of cold-pressed processing used in SwissOats A3 ensures the preservation of key compounds in their living state, with the highest nutrient levels possible.

Special packaging preserves the effective compounds in SwissOats A3, keeping them alive for up to 3 years!

SwissOats A3 is a completely natural botanical extract that has the following unique features :

• The Swiss-formulated SwissOats A3 product has been extensively studied in North America, Europe and Singapore.
• SwissOats A3 has a nutrient-rich formula that can be taken by men and women of all ages.
• SwissOats A3 can be consumed with other medications, as it has no interaction with any other drugs.
• SwissOats A3 is not a synthetic drug and, thus, has no side effects or toxicity.
• Oats hold the distinction of being the first food with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved   specific health claim "Soluble fiber from oats, as part of a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet may cut down the   chances of heart disease".

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